Tulips are red

Creative post title, right? ;)

I remember, years ago, clipping out a photo from New Yorker, I think it was, of a photo from an exhibit at some gallery, and I remember not getting it. The photo was of a blossoming tree – maybe a cherry tree – with blue sky, and the composition was totally not what it was supposed to be. But now I understand that the photographer was going for something other than your typical flowering tree photo. You actually capture the feel of the moment when it’s more improvised and less formal. It draws you in – like, if you were outdoors and looked up and there was the cherry tree, in bloom.

I have a certain style that will always show through, but I think what I’m trying to do is distill or refine it.


4 thoughts on “Tulips are red

    • I got some nice shots of magnolias the same day, but couldn’t bring myself to break up the red vibe I had goin’… thanks so much for checking them out and the nice comments! :)

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