Good deed for 2010

Because I don’t have enough to do, ha ha, I’ve taken it upon myself to donate to two upcoming fund-raisers. One is a Mother’s Day gift sale to benefit Animal Advocates, to which I am donating note cards, and one is a gala to benefit the Faxon Animal Rescue League, to which I am donating a framed photograph for their silent auction.

From a practical standpoint, it’s good business, because it gets my photography and my name and website out there. From a personal standpoint, there are countless organizations I could get involved with – the Women’s Center (which I have done gift-wrapping for in the past), Gifts to Give and O.R.P.H. Inc., for example – but I decided to stick with local groups that help animals, like Massachusetts Ferret Friends, Habitat for Cats and A Helping Paw, to name just a few.

There is nothing more helpless or dependent than a abused/abandoned animal. I’ve worked in animal shelters before, and have two rescued cats at home. I am a believer in getting pet supplies at pet stores and pets from shelters rather than stores or breeders.

I wish there weren’t a need for shelters, but that’s most likely never going to change. People are going to continue to buy pets on impulse, and let their pets outdoors, and not spay or neuter them, and abandon them when they become inconvenient. (The thought that a domesticated ferret, raised by humans, can fend for itself if you let it go outside is as ridiculous as thinking the blind can tell what demonimation a bill is by touch or smell, and yet many people think both are true!) If I am going to give my time or donate my artwork, it will be to the struggling shelters that care for these animals with shrinking means and a reliably growing demand.

Anoush and Hootie (click to view full-size, right-click to set as your desktop background)

Cat wallpaper


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