Heaven is a place on earth

… called Nasketucket. I am going to do a photo book just on Nasketucket one day. I went early Saturday and my senses were just overloaded. I didn’t even get through the gate before I noticed a flowering bush covered in butterflies. The yellow of the buttercups, the white of the clusters of little flowers alongside the path, the surprise of a lovely crested flycatcher, which I’ve never seen before, perched by another flowering bush that was attracting all kinds of bugs and butterflies – it was enough to make my head spin. After the flycatcher, getting to see and photograph almost a dozen frogs in one of Nasketucket’s three vernal pools was like the cherry on the whipped cream on the chocolate sauce on the cake that was my day! I could just gorge myself on Nasketucket and never get enough…

Painted LadiesPainted LadiesRed Admiral


Crested flycatcherCrested flycatcher12-spotted skimmer

FrogFrogFrogs in vernal pool

Bee and buttercupPainted Lady


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