Got spiders?

If you’re an arachnaphobe, you may want to avert  your eyes.

I am not a fan of spiders, but I am a fan of wildlife, and the more time I spend in nature with my camera, the more open I become to finding the beauty in what initially makes me want to flee in the opposite direction. Many things I have seen are equal parts fascinating and horrifying – a crow with another bird’s decapitated head in its beak, for example – but as a photographer, I have to try to capture it (the only exception being animal suffering of any kind – I just can’t hack it).

I have noticed baby spiders around my work (outside, thankfully), but never seen tight clusters of them before. There is a reason for everything that occurs in nature, and my best guess is that by clumping together like that, they were trying to appear like three large, scary things rather than a billion tiny, vulnerable things.

I am definitely entering one of these two in a nature photography contest!

Baby spidersBaby spiders

However, when threatened, it’s like they all release at the same moment and scatter throughout their nest. It’s hard to describe. It’s almost like an unfurling. Again, my best guess is that it’s to keep a predator from being able to gulp down half of them with ease.

Baby spiders


47 thoughts on “Got spiders?

    • I would not be cool with “black widow season” – yikes! And, I’ll tell you, all yesterday I felt like I had little buggies crawling on me. Brrrrr!
      I have a Sony a200 – my first DSLR. I would love to have a Nikon D-anything. One day…

      • I just got it. My father is a photographer, and I was still using his SLR canon from the 80s! lol. I read through your previous posts. My 50mm 1.4 is on my own personal lay-a-away. Not sure if I should stick with nikkor lenses, or go to sigma. Looking forward to more of your pics!

      • I have a sigma lens, and maybe a tamron. I’m not sure. I don’t have the funds to have super pricey lenses. The 50/1.4 I actually got a super deal on, and it has made me realize that paying the money for the good quality lenses is well worth it.

  1. wow! I just took the same photo, here in San Francisco! My photo is not as nice as yours though…it was in the shade and I couldn’t focus very well. But I do feel the same, since I walk around with my camera I notice more things (like the baby spiders :-). And congratulations for being on freshly pressed!

  2. Wow Deina! That picture is truly awesome, I haven’t seen that kind of spiders around here (Belgium, Western Europe), but it’s truly amazing how these babies huddle together. Strength in numbers I suppose! We’ve got a great deal to learn from the crispers and crawlers imo. If I were in your shoes when you took that last shot, I’d probably would have jumped first (so you either were at a respectable distance or you’ve got nervers of steel!)

    BTW, what startled them?

    • I don’t know that I have “nerves of steel”… or maybe I do? I had to get right up to them, but slowly and gingerly, so as not to spook them. They were in shade, and I was in sunlight, so a couple of times they must have been alarmed by my presence and they did that unfurling thing. But thankfully they (mostly) stay in the nest, they don’t take to the wind – in which case, they would have parachuted all over me and I would have to have freaked out! I did, however, spot one on my hand and blew it off. But I was twitchy the rest of the day, LOL…

  3. Okay so your photo was amazing… All three of them were amazing actually.

    But that last one freaked me out, like really freaked me out. All I got was this strong, strong image of my face being covered in spiders after having walked through a web like this. Luckily, I’m from Australia and normally our spiders are just so gigantically massive that you can see them coming from a good ten meters or so. Except….baby huntsman nests *shudder* gah.

    • Australia is not on my list of places to go. Yeah, it’s pretty and all, but you guys have 9 out of the 10 most venomous snakes, I heard or read someplace… and I remember Steve Irwin holding a plexiglass plate, with a spider the size of his HEAD on the other side of it. Noooooo, thank you! I am actually arachnophobic, but I have sort of been forcing my way through it. I even catch and release spiders I find in my apartment now, whereas once I would have squashed ’em. Still, if I saw a “gigantically massive” spider anywhere in my vicinity, I think I’d have a full-on conniption…

      • Tell me about it.

        You have to shake out your shoes when you live in the country every morning just in case a spider has decided to make it it’s home…or worse- a snake.

        You have to be careful picking up sticks as they could be brown or black snakes. You must take care when lifting rocks as funnel webs make their home under those. You wave a stick in front of you when walking in a forest just in case you run into a web full of baby spiders, and a p****** off mummy spider. You can’t stick your hand in any holes to look for anything- spider bites. You can’t go swimming too safely (blue bottle jelly fish and sting rays), etc etc etc.

        That being said, it’s a gorgeous country? Hehe.

  4. wow, i love spiders! they are fascinating creatures, so i love your photos. i hope you win the contest!

  5. Great photos! Those little guys clump on my house all the time in the summer, we used to blow on them (gently) and watch them scatter when we were kids. It’s hard to capture in a photo, but I think you did pretty well.

    Thanks for bringing on the nostalgia attack, and again, great shots!

  6. your pictures are gorgeous – just like a nature offers us. Nature has keeps many secrets, and when you bring them up to a surface in a form of photos, then wildlife becomes so wonderful, don’t you think?
    But really, I’d rather stay away from a hungry lion hehehe than being close to them just to take their wild actions:-)
    Greetings from afar

    • Nooooooooo! I understand the impulse, though, believe me… hmm… I think I’d grab a broom, get ’em all on it, and then toss them, broom and all, in a bush. Problem solved and they get to live.

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