My next photo book

… is going to be on Nasketucket (she says optimistically when the first hasn’t even been published yet, LOL!). As a nature photographer, it is my go-to place for, well, pretty much everything. I’ve never been anywhere as dense with wildlife of every size and kind. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen fritillaries – both great-spangled and variegated. It’s the only place I’ve spotted a viceroy caterpillar, which I brought home, raised and released back at Nasketucket. It is home to nearly all of my favorite birds – towhees, Baltimore orioles, red-bellied woodpeckers, flycatchers, red-tailed hawks and cedar waxwings. It has THREE vernal pools. It’s the first place I ever saw a saddlebags dragonfly (gorgeous!). And that’s not even mentioning the wildflowers! For everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph at Nasketucket, there is a lifetime’s worth still to see.

Painted lady on cloverBlack swallowtail on thistleSpicebush swallowtail

Silver-spotted skipperFlowrs and beeMournful thyris

Skipper on grass bladeHalloween pennantHalloween pennant

Crab spider with beeFemale widow skimmerEye-spotted butterfly

I’ve written about Nasketucket before, here, and will again!


6 thoughts on “My next photo book

  1. Aww these are just beautiful!! You’re really talented and have a great eye :) I especially loved the last one, that butterfly looks like it has eyes on its wings!

  2. I would stand in line to buy one of these books of Nasketucket photographs!!
    How do we get you published?!

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