Inspiration strikes

I had lunch with my mom yesterday and she looked through the latest draft of my book of fishing boat photography, which I had printed and bound at Staples, and it was actually very useful to get her input, because she experiences photos in a very different way than me. I notice things I hadn’t noticed before because she notices them. Anyhow, we both love this particular photo of a woman’s face painted on one of the boats, and I said “It’s too bad I can’t have that as the cover shot,” because while she’s beautiful, she isn’t immediately recognizable as being on or, really, having anything to do with fishing boats, but then it came to me: Why not put her together with a boast image for the cover of the book?? This morning I started browsing through my boat pictures for one that would work with her, and realized I could actually pair her with a favorite boat image of mine, thus having two of my very favorite images on the cover of my book – whoo!


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