A little piece of heaven

I hadn’t been to Allen’s Pond Wildlife Refuge since the winter, and had all but forgotten how much I love it! Like Nasketucket, it has a variety of habitats and wildlife. You follow a trail through a field full of wildflowers, including morning glories and wild iris, walk along the edge of a pond, and end at the beach where there are roped-off areas where piping plovers are nesting. The air was filled with sandpipers, terns and tree swallows as well as goldfinches and red-winged blackbirds. The very first thing I spotted were Baltimore butterflies on some kind of thistle, which was a thrill because I haven’t seen any in so long. There are nest boxes for bluebirds which, of course, the tree swallows have commandeered, and I got some decent shots of parents feeding their babies (although lack of light was a challenge).

Tree swallowTree swallowTree swallows

Tree swallowsTree swallowsTree swallow

Tree swallowsTree swallows


4 thoughts on “A little piece of heaven

  1. I spent a summer in college monitoring Tree Swallow breeding on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie, and whenever I see them in nest boxes it take me back to pleasant memories – it was my first real field biology adventure.

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