What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I go back to work – and reality – tomorrow. (Big plus: AC!!!) Should be interesting, in terms of adjusting to an entirely new work load. I have been spoiled by little work and short days, but alas, that ship has sailed. And hit an iceberg. Sigh!!

Anyhow, I got some work done that I had to, then crammed as much good stuff as I could into my week off – which technically was longer than a week. I went to Nasketucket Bay State Reservation – Allen’s Pond Wildlife Refuge (twice, because I love it) – the Butterfly Zoo (twice, because I left my closeup filter there) – Buttonwood Park a few times – to a bird sanctuary I’d never been to before (my calf muscles are still screaming at me) – Turner Pond – and to three different Savers (I actually gave way more than I bought). Oh, and I went to the fireworks last night (duh). And today, at long last, I finally motivated myself to get some housework done, so I get to feel all virtuous about that.

Butterfly Zoo




ElfinsAmerican CopperSkipper

Great Spangled FritillaryRed-spotted Purple AdmiralDragonfly with mites

Buttonwood Park


Norman Bird Sanctuary

Night HeronNest

Turner Pond

Carolina saddlebagsSpicebush swallowtailDragonfly


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