Pool party!

I went to the water pumping station yesterday, which turned out to be the perfect choice. It’s a shorter walk, for one thing. Yesterday was just too wretchedly hot for Nasketucket. And although the water was low, it wasn’t completely gone – as it has been in past years when we’ve had dry spells like this – and there were all kinds of critters in the water havin’ themselves a good old time. I saw at least three different kinds of turtles and three different kinds of frogs, plus a muskrat picking himself some salad fixin’s for lunch. ;)


Dragonflies have been elusive so far this summer, but I did get a female widow skimmer and a golden winged skimmer.

Widow skimmerGolden winged skimmer

I also got to see what I think are the most beautiful tiger lilies I’ve ever seen in my life!

Tiger lilies


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