The ‘ick’ factor

All of my focus lately has been on Canon Photography in the Park’s photo contest, which ends Sept. 30th. I’ve been entering photo contests for years and usually I’ve submitted what I’ve considered my best photos – which makes sense, except that I’m starting to get the difference between what you consider your best work and what photos really stand out. Yes, it should be your best technically and artistically, but it needs something extra in order not to be just a great photo. It has to grab you because it’s different in some way. It makes you go “Oooh!” or it makes you go “Ick!”. That’s my theory, anyway, and every time I go out with my camera now that’s my goal.

Some nice shots I got at Turners Pond yesterday:

Water liliesDragonflyTurtle

And some I am considering submitting to the contest:

Spicebush swallowtailSpider web and leaf shadowsDragonfly in spider web


2 thoughts on “The ‘ick’ factor

  1. You know I love the water lilies and although I detest spiders – I really like the web shots! Best of luck for this one!

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