Monarch Manor

I released my two monarch butterflies on Monday (check out the video on YouTube!) and have been checking out the milkweed downtown for any more eggs, but haven’t seen a one. Then, yesterday, I was chasing bugs around Buttonwood Park with my camera and noticed a monarch laying eggs on a green plant that wasn’t milkweed. I checked it out, and a few more nearby, and they were loaded with monarch eggs (plus some other eggs I didn’t want to risk taking home). I broke off two stalks to take home, because they were far enough into the grass that I think they might have been mowed. Otherwise, the eggs could have just been left where they were. So, already I have two monarch eggs and SIX monarch caterpillars at home. Zoinks! Also, I consulted one of my butterfly field guides, which I own but don’t break out too often, and learned (after all this time!) that monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed and dogbane, which also has a milky, sticky, bitter sap. Duuuuuuh…

Dogbane with butterfly eggs

Monarch butterfly caterpillar

Monarch butterfly caterpillar


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