Viceroy Central

I went back to Nasketucket on Sunday, I think it was, and saw more Viceroys there than I have ever seen in a single day. I think they are getting more firmly established there, which is awesome, because… well, just because! (I have not, however, seen a single praying mantis this year, which has me a little worried…)

If you don’t know Viceroys, they are like Monarch butterflies, only smaller and with a bar across their bottom wings that distinguishes them from Monarchs. They mimic the Monarch because birds know, or at least learn, that they taste bitter because they feed on milkweed and dogbane as caterpillars, and tend to leave them be. (Other butterflies do this, too: The spicebush swallowtail mimics the pipevine swallowtail for the same purpose.) Actually, Viceroys are mimics even as caterpillars and chrysalises; they essentially disguise themselves as bird droppings.


It was lovely at Nasketucket, as always. No snake or frog sightings, but plenty of other sights that should sustain me for the week.

Forest pathTiger SwallowtailGoldfinch



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