Yesterday I went to Lake Street, where I’ve gotten some good pictures of mushrooms in the past. I haven’t been there in at least a year, if not two, and I was dismayed by the amount of trash in the woods. We’re talkin’ bottles, Dunkin’ Donuts cups, nip bottles, trash bags – the works. Everywhere.

This is an amazing spot, with tall pines growing up a steep hill, and through them you can see this beautiful expanse of blue water. It’s a killer walk, but really worth it.

And now it’s littered with garbage.

Walking around, looking for ‘shrooms, I found myself thinking about respect. Clearly whoever’s been in these woods has no respect for them. In my mind, respect means you value and appreciate something, and you want it to remain as it is. That’s how I feel every time I step into nature. I go to great pains not only to leave everything as I found it, but I also try not to bother the wildlife that I encounter more than I have to.

My appreciation of wildlife and wild spaces comes from years of observing everything from butterflies and dragonflies to frogs and snakes. I’ve gotten within inches of clusters of hundreds of baby spiders, even though I’m petrified of them, because that’s what I do. I’m a nature photographer. I document it all. And I respect it all.

These are some images I’ve taken that not everyone would appreciate, but I see the beauty in every one of them.

SpiderCamouflaged crab spiderDragonflyCaterpillars

I especially love this snapping turtle, because chances are he/she is older than I am!
Snapping turtle


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