Faded Ladies

I decided to go to Allen’s Pond yesterday, even though I’d been the day before, and I am so glad I did because I saw so much! In addition to the colors, which I just cannot get enough of, I saw all kinds of butterflies – sulphurs, cabbage whites, monarchs, a red admiral, a buckeye, and painted ladies – and sparrow-size sandpipers and a sea gull with a crab.

EgretSandpiper flyingSandpiperSandpiperSea gull with crabWildflowers and sulphurMonarchPainted LadyWildflowers

What’s interesting to me is that I believe these two are both painted ladies, and yet the one is so faded and the other is so bright, it’s like they’re two different butterflies!

Painted ladyPainted lady abstract


3 thoughts on “Faded Ladies

  1. You have such an eye for taking pictures. I look forward to seeing your photography. Nature is so natural and beautiful. You really know how to capture the natural essence of beautiful wildlife. Thanks for sharing!!

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