Shrooms Glorious SHROOMS

Mushrooms. They’re a weird thing to like, admittedly. And I like them. A lot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not a mushroom-head. I’m more of a wannabe-hippie. Actual tripping is not for me.

No, I appreciate mushrooms strictly for aesthetic reasons. I love their widely varying colors and shapes. I love stumbling upon clusters of them or upon mushrooms I’ve never seen before. I even love the smell of them. (Well, most of them… Stinkhorns are called stinkhorns for a reason!)

Mushrooms go unnoticed by most folks, unless they happen to spot me lying on my stomach, shooting them, and then they will stop and say “Oh, that’s going to be a beautiful picture!” If I can convert even one person over to appreciating ‘shrooms half as much as I do, I will have done my job. ;)

Here are some of this year’s finds so far:


I have several mushroom photos, along with other nature/wildlife photos, available as blank note cards on my other blog, You’ve Got Art!.


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