Aaaah, to be on the BEACH again!!! I love the beach, off-season, and it felt like a really long summer to be away from it.

Yesterday we went to Cherry & Webb Beach, which I love because you get to it through the dunes, and the view from the dunes is amazing

SandpipersSea gull with sea weedshellsClam shellWavesAnimal tracksMushroom in sand

I had to lie on my tummy and wait for this tiny, spider-sized crab to emerge from its hole…


My boss is always telling me I should use my CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTER. So, here’s a side-by-side comparison: Without… and with.


Today we went to West Island and walked, mostly in the woods, although we did come out on a gorgeous beach made all the more gorgeous by the sublime weather.


A first for me, to be added to my Life List – a rough green snake (also known as a grass snake). For a fairly common snake, I’ve never seen one before. Very peaceful little snake, not bothered by my presence at all.

Rough green snake

Looking across the water to Cape Cod.

Water view


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