I heart cemeteries

And I’m not the only one. I know some people would view this as morbid, but I don’t consider cemeteries sorrowful places. We go to cemeteries to remember loved ones we’ve lost, but they aren’t there. It’s a ritual to comfort the living. But a cemetery is also park-like. Some are hilly, with winding paths and large, old trees. Those are my favorites. And they’re quieter and more peaceful than your average park, with kids and dogs. And that’s not to mention older cemeteries with interesting headstones or ornate statues.

These were taken at f/22 using a tripod and a circular polarizing filter.


These are some older, favorite shots taken at cemeteries



2 thoughts on “I heart cemeteries

  1. The pictures of the trees are just amazing. I just returned to Michigan from a trip out west, where there are very few trees. In Michigan, it is just the right time of the year to see all the bright colors on the trees. The cemetary around the corner from us has a bunch of tall trees all around it. The colors right now are just beautiful. It takes your breath away everytime you go past.

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