Me and my Sony

So… I have an opportunity to buy a Canon EOS from a co-worker for a reasonable price. I took her by surprise by asking, “Can I borrow it for the weekend?” because I wanted to see whether I liked it before committing to buy. To be honest, I think I kinda freaked her out. Anyhow, I went to Plymouth today and wandered around my favorite cemetery with two cameras around my neck, and I gotta say, after comparing my Sony and the Canon… I’m not lovin’ the Canon. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t love it if I had more than a weekend with it – and the instruction manual. I’m sure it’s a matter of my knowing my camera. I found that it over-exposed everything, and the focus wasn’t right-on. Eventually I stuck it in my bag and it was just me and my Sony again…


As you can see, I like my photos on the dark side. What I love about my Sony is, now that I get spot-metering, I can make a photograph that looks like what my eyes see…


Of course, I must be the only person to wander around the cemetery and spot – and get excited about – ‘shrooms!



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