Ducks of a different color

It was cold and blustery this morning. While I saw some of our “usual” winter ducks – buffleheads, mergansers and hooded mergansers – I saw a few unusual ones, including a pair of long-tailed ducks, which I’ve only ever seen one other time in my life. This is the best shot I was able to get because the water was so choppy:

Long-tailed duck

I just love their markings! I think they actually kick hooded mergansers out of first place as my favorite ducks, they are so beautiful.


These are just some mallards, but I really liked the light…


Near them were two giant ducks, napping. At first I thought they were wood ducks, but then I got a better look at them and realized they weren’t. My theory is that they are a cross between a wood duck and a muscovy, which will mate with pretty much anything.


Any birders out there who agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your theories!

Around dusk I was at down at the beach, taking some abstract pictures of the surface of the water, and saw mergansers, buffleheads, another long-tailed duck, and a grebe. Good day for ducks!

WaterGrebeDuck flyingWaterWater


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