Teacup Duck

I was psyched to get some good close-up shots of this cute lil’ grebe (if I’d had my purse, I might have snuck him home!).

Here is the scoop on photographing diving ducks: If you spot one, freeze. Stay perfectly still and wait. He will eventually dive. Then, take those 20-30 seconds to boogie as close as you can. It’s best to stand behind or beside something like a railing or tree, rather just looming there on his horizon when he resurfaces (you can also use it to steady your camera). If it isn’t wet, you can also sit, because it makes you that much less noticeable. The key is not to move when a duck is close by.


4 thoughts on “Teacup Duck

    • I love photographing the winter ducks that come here from up north – grebes, long tailed ducks, red breasted mergansers, hooded mergansers (my favorites), goldeneyes, etc. They’re super-skittish and hard to get, though, unless you’re really dedicated! The best shots I ever got of hooded mergansers, I sat down on a railroad bridge beside some water where they’d been and just waited for them to come back, which they did. One can only assume they have very brief memories! ;)

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