I haven’t had anything worthwhile to post in some time now because the weather has been stubbornly uncooperative. We went from cold and rainy, to sunny and humid, straight back to cold and rainy again. During that little window, of course, I got out for some much-needed time in nature. (It was a welcome respite from slaving away on a photography book for a contest, which has been sucking up most of my time.)

My mom’s bleeding hearts seem particularly colorful this year:

Bleeding heartsBleeding heartsBleeding heartsBleeding hearts

I love the way the bleeding hearts cross the diagonal lines in the background.

Bleeding hearts

Then we went to Nasketucket and broiled in the sun for an hour or so… Only one of the three vernal pools was accessible, because of all the rain we’ve had lately, and it was lousy with frogs.

Green frogGreen frog

You can see me and Ulysse reflected in his/her eye, which I think is cool.

Green frog

Have you ever SEEN a frog this size???

Green frogGreen frogGreen frog

Now, this is a little oogy, for which I apologize, but I spotted a crab spider in a buttercup with a little bee, and when I looked at the image on my computer at home, I saw that what I thought were stripes on the spider’s body were actually legs. I could be wrong, but it looks like the spider’s young is hanging on to her/his body, which is spider behavior I wasn’t aware of. If there are any spider experts out there, I would love to know whether my theory holds water.

Crab spiderCrab spider

And, just to help you shake off the willies, here are some pretty flowers:



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