Like Water for Whales

We went on a whale watch out of Plymouth on Sunday morning – the first I’ve ever been on (that I recall, anyway). Next time we want to leave out of Provincetown, simply because we spent so long getting there that when we actually came upon some whales, we had to turn around and leave!

Humpback whaleHumpback whaleHumpback whalesHumpback whalesHumpback whaleHumpback whaleHumpback whaleHumpback whalesHumpback whalesHumpback whales

I brought my new Nikon Coolpix P500, which has a 36x optical zoom and takes HD movies. I haven’t worked on the movies yet (to trim the parts where it’s just water zooming dizzily by) but will post them to YouTube when they’re done.

I got a bunch of shots of laughing gulls in Plymouth, which we don’t have around here – and which no one else took any notice of. I’m not thrilled with the focus, but I imagine with time and practice I’ll get it to where I want it to be.

Laughing gullLaughing gullsLaughing gullsLaughing gulls

I went sailing a lot as a kid, and while I didn’t like it much – probably because it’s not super-stimulating to a 12-year-old and because I’ve always burned like crazy – I do love to be on the water. The whole ride back, I was at the tip of the bow – like a dog with its head out a car window. (And I have a red, sun- and wind-burned face to prove it!)

Water and sky


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