Wicked Weather

We don’t normally get tornadoes around here but there have been some close calls this year, so when I saw the sky today as I was driving to my sister’s, I wondered what I was driving into… tell me this doesn’t look like a supercell!

Storm cloudsStorm cloudsStorm clouds

I managed to get a few decent shots of lightning, although it was tricky – like looking for shooting stars and deciding what portion of the sky to look at.


And the whole time I was thinking, it would be TYPICAL of me to get flung to hell and back by a tornado because I was caught up in taking pictures of it! (Just a few nights ago I had a dream about seeing a tornado, and thought “Where’s my camera,” and then, “No, I’m dreaming…”)


2 thoughts on “Wicked Weather

  1. These are some great photos of lightning. I’ve tried so hard to get pictures of lightning and am never successful. I also live in Massachusetts…in Springfield to be exact. I would have agreed with you 100% that tornadoes are unheard of in this state, until we got struck by one a few months ago in this area, lol. Anyhow, great nature photos. Lightning is always amazing.

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. I am fairly new to photography so any advice will go a long way. Thanks!


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