Mini Vacay

I took two vacation days this week, and while I’ve been getting some work done during them (I am closing my antiques booth because it’s just not something I can keep pouring money into), I have also had some ME time. Today was the first chance I got to get out and take pictures – on my way from one task to another – and it was glorious. I went to the water pumping station, which is just this little plot of land but is rich in wildlife. I saw frogs, turtles, dragonflies, butterflies, caterpillars and even green herons.


Joe-Pye WeedSkipperJoe-Pye Weed and Mint

WildflowersJoe-Pye WeedGreen Heron

Monarch butterfly caterpillarsMonarch butterfly caterpillarMonarch butterfly


This squirrel cracks me up – he was digging around inside a hollow tree trunk for edibles.


Does anyone else see the freakishly huge frog I was totally oblivious to?

Turtle and frog


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