They’re baaaaaaack!

Mushroom season is sooo ON! My walk in the woods last week fades in my memory after today‘s walk! I can’t remember the last time I was so entirely wound up. There were ‘shrooms everywhere!!!

These were taken with my Nikon P500 which, I gotta say, I am not loving the automatic focus on, or the “manual” focus, which is actually digital and nearly impossible to get spot-on…



I actually left the woods I was in for the last shot and went back with my Sony (and my BF) because I just had to be able to get really sharp images – which I did :)



This thing was frickin’ glorious!!!



3 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaack!

    • Your stomach? I never eat them – not unless I buy them in the store. I just photograph them because I think they’re beautiful. Plus, I’ve found oogy things inside them when I have picked them, so… like I said, store. ;)

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