Eye See You

I have gotten some quality exercise this week; every day I’ve walked farther and longer than I usually do on my weekends.

Today I walked around Buttonwood Park for about 2 hours; my legs are still killing me!

At first the park was like, meh. I saw a few turtles from a distance. Saw some little red dragonflies. The light wasn’t great.

Then, I saw a whole mess of mushrooms, and I was like, cool, at least deciding to come to the park wasn’t a total waste.

And then I was walking along, looking for ‘shrooms, and BAM, there was a red-tailed hawk, just sitting on a branch about, oh, 25-30 feet away from me? And not even up that much.

Red-tailed hawk

I figured he’d take off the second he saw me, but he didn’t, which makes me think he was a juvenile and didn’t know better.  (He could also have been sick, but he looked alright to me, and thinking I got all these great photos of a red-tailed hawk close-up only because he was sick would bother me to no end…)

Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed hawk

One last shot before I left him in peace…

Red-tailed hawk

I’m sure this is what his hungry eyes were yearning for (a mama, no less, I’m thinking):



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