Autumn Textures

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been busy with other projects. I think today was the first day I’ve taken pictures in about two weeks. That’s not so unusual for this time of year, but it is unusual for me.

Taken today at the YMCA in Mattapoisett…


While photography is still my bliss, I have let myself become discouraged by various contests I’ve put a lot of time and effort and hope into, and have been glad just to let it go for a while. I’ve gotten back into drawing (check out my blog here) and am finding it far more rewarding in terms of not feeling like I’m out of my league, which is how I sometimes feel when the person who wins the contests is always the person with the best equipment and access to the best wildlife. Traditional artwork is very different, because while people’s levels of ability may vary, the tools are pretty much the same. I have my lead pencils and Berol Prismacolor colored pencils that my dad bought me ages ago, and I can compete with the best of ’em. It’s a welcome feeling…


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