Herons and goose butts

It cleared up early this afternoon, after raining all day yesterday and all night last night, so I went for a walk around Buttonwood Park, which never fails to have wondrous things to see and photograph.

First, there was this cormorant:


Next, this great blue heron:


Another great blue heron – I’m not sure whether he’s actually swimming here or not:


But here he was definitely wading:


Some water lilies and irises:




Baltimore oriole nests that withstood all the rain:


More bees in one place than I have ever seen in my life (sorry for the cruddy picture, they were way high above me – thank goodness):


And some Canada geese with seriously cute babies:



Hilariously, they would be dunking for goodies to eat and roll right over:



The parents got spooked at one point (not by me) and actually flew across the pond, leaving their babies, but came back a minute later (whew!)



A duckling of another color

Wandered around Buttonwood Park today taking pictures of all the cute, fuzzy ducklings and goslings (no cygnets this year, sadly).

GoslingsGoslingsCanada geese


GoslingsGoslingsMallard ducklings

I also noticed this mallard with three babies – two that looked like hers and one that she may have taken in, unless mallards are like cats and can have babies from multiple partners? I don’t really know, but if someone does know, I’d love to learn. I also did two short videos of them, which are posted on YouTube (just click on the image).