September round-up

I haven’t posted for a loooong while… partly because the summer was hot (or maybe I’m just a giant wuss) and I haven’t been out a lot… and partly because, as usual, I’m doing far too much.

Anyhow, here is a round-up of some photos I’ve taken over the last few weekends, just so folks know I’m still shooting! ;)

Nasketucket Bay State Reservation:

Painted ladiesPraying mantisGrass

Praying mantis

At work:

Praying mantis

AC Moore parking lot

Painted lady

Allen’s Pond Wildlife Sanctuary


Painted lady caterpillarBlack saddlebags dragonflyKingfisher


Scusset Beach



A Taste of Summer

I’ve been rooting through old photo files, with the thought in mind that I would organize what I’ve taken over the years into some sort of database people could browse and (hopefully) order prints or note cards from easily. Here are three oldies but goodies I’d nearly forgotten – a little dose of summer right before Christmas.


tiger swallowtail


Blue algae

So, I went to the park this morning, thinking I’d get an hour in before I had to get ready and leave for work, and the water was entirely fenced off. I’d been there just this past weekend and noticed a smell – not an unpleasant one – sort of like when you shuck corn – but I hadn’t seen anything unusual. Now, the water has a polluted look from this unnaturally blue algae growing in it, and the corn smell has morphed into something far less pleasant. I am incredibly disappointed, because this is the time of year when the park is just loaded with butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, birds, herons – everything – and they’re all on or around the water.

So… these may be my last photos for a while. :(


BirdsTree swallowsTree swallows

TurtleWater lilyDragonfly


A whole lotta dragonflies

How many pictures of dragonflies can one person take? The short answer is, a lot. Like, a lot a lot. The frustrating thing for me, however, is that the really beautiful ones – like saddlebags, which are my favorites – never seem to want to land anywhere. Even when I ask really nicely…





Jewel Tones of Summer

The weekend started out oppressively hot and humid, then we had storms, and then it settled down a bit to plain old hot and humid mixed with a sprinkle here and there. I got to take a walk on Sunday (it’s been a while) and really got into the jewel tones of summer.

ChickoryDay liliesRiver and Lily

Black-eyed SusansBlack-eyed SusansBlack-eyed Susans

Cat tailsTiger lilyMonarch on Joe-Pye Weed

Cardinal flower and hummingbirdCardinal flower and hummingbirdBarbed wire and post


Dragonflies mating

Day of the damselflies

So, I haven’t posted anything in a bit because I’ve had a week off and barely went online. I was also spoiled with a week of decent weather – save for the tornado scare, of course – so I was OUTSIDE with my camera most every day. (And when I wasn’t out chasing insects around, I was in bed, catching up on SLEEP.)

Here are some photos from my week off:

Water pumping station




Gidley Woods

DamselflyDamselflyChipmunkSpicebush swallowtail

Lake Street


Buttonwood Park

Spotted turtleSquirrel

(I’ve started using my camera’s manual focus more, and have to say, I think my images are much improved for it.)


Aaaah, to be on the BEACH again!!! I love the beach, off-season, and it felt like a really long summer to be away from it.

Yesterday we went to Cherry & Webb Beach, which I love because you get to it through the dunes, and the view from the dunes is amazing

SandpipersSea gull with sea weedshellsClam shellWavesAnimal tracksMushroom in sand

I had to lie on my tummy and wait for this tiny, spider-sized crab to emerge from its hole…


My boss is always telling me I should use my CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTER. So, here’s a side-by-side comparison: Without… and with.


Today we went to West Island and walked, mostly in the woods, although we did come out on a gorgeous beach made all the more gorgeous by the sublime weather.


A first for me, to be added to my Life List – a rough green snake (also known as a grass snake). For a fairly common snake, I’ve never seen one before. Very peaceful little snake, not bothered by my presence at all.

Rough green snake

Looking across the water to Cape Cod.

Water view