Herons and goose butts

It cleared up early this afternoon, after raining all day yesterday and all night last night, so I went for a walk around Buttonwood Park, which never fails to have wondrous things to see and photograph.

First, there was this cormorant:


Next, this great blue heron:


Another great blue heron – I’m not sure whether he’s actually swimming here or not:


But here he was definitely wading:


Some water lilies and irises:




Baltimore oriole nests that withstood all the rain:


More bees in one place than I have ever seen in my life (sorry for the cruddy picture, they were way high above me – thank goodness):


And some Canada geese with seriously cute babies:



Hilariously, they would be dunking for goodies to eat and roll right over:



The parents got spooked at one point (not by me) and actually flew across the pond, leaving their babies, but came back a minute later (whew!)



Mosquito Central

If heaven is Nasketucket, then Gidley Woods is hell – right now, at least. Gidley Woods is pretty darned close to heaven, actually, except for days like Sunday when a shield of bug spray might as well have been a flashing neon welcome mat. Yikes.

There wasn’t a lot in bloom, and nary a mushroom or Indian pipe to be seen, but I did get some nice shots of a damselfly, some beautiful Ladies’ Slippers, more Red Admirals, and even a glimpse of a wild turkey – a first for me.

Ladies SlipperDamselflyFlower

PondFrogRed Admiral

Our frogs can kick your frogs’ asses

Look at these guys! It’s like they’re hopped up on ‘roids! ;)

Frogs are a tricky subject – and not just because they’re so jumpy (ha ha). Getting the exposure right is a nearly impossible challenge, because they are dark and both they and their surroundings are wet and shiny. By getting one area correctly exposed, another almost always gets blown out.

The last image I’m considering for a contest. Sometimes I luck out and move slowly enough that a frog tolerates my getting really close, like this one did. :)