Sandpiper Central

I’ve been away from this blog so long, I now don’t even know how to navigate WordPress anymore!

The winter months are always lean for photos, between a lot of things being dormant (or wintering elsewhere) and my being a giant baby when it comes to being out in the cold. I have, however, been to a few beaches over the last couple of months, so here are some of the sights I’ve seen:

Loon, Cape Cod


Ruddy Duck, Westport Point


Goldeneye, Wareham


Absolute scads of Sanderlings and Dunlins, Gooseberry Point



I have a Canon Rebel T3, which does some interesting vignetting (which may be the new 55-250mm lens). I think I like it,though…



And this is a shorebird I haven’t seen before – a ruddy turnstone. Male, I believe. (Bird experts, please correct me if I’m wrong!) This is his winter plumage; their breeding plumage is striking, although I’d have to follow him up to Alaska to see it.


BTW, I have a new shop on Etsy with both stock photos and fine art prints. The stock photos are the decent ones I’ve taken over the years, that I’m not necessarily in love with or attached to; the fine art prints are the ones I am most proud of and don’t want to essentially give away. I’m pretty happy with the logo I designed, which I also made a brush in Photoshop for easy watermarking.


Almost beach weather…

It was a bit windy to be on the beach today, and of course the sun didn’t come out until we were driving home (rrrrr!), but it was still nice to be ON A BEACH.

I started and ended my day taking silly photos of my newest Blythe doll:

Blythe dollBlythe doll

I then took some black-and-white photos of the dunes using a circular polarizing filter:

Sand dunesSand dunesSand dunes

Know what a Saluki is? It’s a beautiful, slender dog with a long, thin, super delicate face and long, silky fur. This is “Daisy”:


There were more shells, and more of a variety of shells, on the beach than usual:

Shell and featherClam shellShellsShellCrab legCrab legShells

There were also tons of sandpipers about, but the light wasn’t great and those little buggers are FAST!


Autumn’s palette

I went to Demarast Lloyd today, and while it was a bit overcast, it was just a perfect day. Not too chilly or windy, a lot of birds to see/hear, and almost no people to share “my” beach. I like the vibrant colors of fall, but I also like the muted color combinations you seeĀ at the beach.

ChipmunkFall colorsPineMushroomsCoral mushroomKingfisherSandpipersCormorant

GoldenrodRazor clamShell

A Walk in the Woods

So… it’s been a while since I posted anything. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the weather. OK, and lethargy, too. But I seem to have shaken it off, and went out walking in the woods TWICE this week already.

First up was the Lloyd Center, which had a lot of interesting ‘shrooms, a couple of caterpillars, and a world of spiders.

CaterpillarBrown 'shroomMycenasHoney mushroomsOrange polypore

Then today we tried a new spot: Wilbour Woods in Little Compton, R.I., which was lousy with ‘shrooms of every size and color!

MushroomsMushroomsMushroom gillsMushroomMushroomMushroom and fernsMushroomsMushroomsMushroomsBolete

Where there is water, you’re bound to find frogs – and maybe a stray sandpiper…


I love the textures in this shot.

Fern and bark

And this is my absolute favorite photo of the day!!! I may have to enter it in a contest…

Polypore underside

Oop! One more, taken at Nasketucket on Sunday. This sucker was humungous – and a bitch to get to. I had to kneel on branches, with thorns sticking me in the butt, to get shots of it…