Herons and goose butts

It cleared up early this afternoon, after raining all day yesterday and all night last night, so I went for a walk around Buttonwood Park, which never fails to have wondrous things to see and photograph.

First, there was this cormorant:


Next, this great blue heron:


Another great blue heron – I’m not sure whether he’s actually swimming here or not:


But here he was definitely wading:


Some water lilies and irises:




Baltimore oriole nests that withstood all the rain:


More bees in one place than I have ever seen in my life (sorry for the cruddy picture, they were way high above me – thank goodness):


And some Canada geese with seriously cute babies:



Hilariously, they would be dunking for goodies to eat and roll right over:



The parents got spooked at one point (not by me) and actually flew across the pond, leaving their babies, but came back a minute later (whew!)



Jewel Tones of Summer

The weekend started out oppressively hot and humid, then we had storms, and then it settled down a bit to plain old hot and humid mixed with a sprinkle here and there. I got to take a walk on Sunday (it’s been a while) and really got into the jewel tones of summer.

ChickoryDay liliesRiver and Lily

Black-eyed SusansBlack-eyed SusansBlack-eyed Susans

Cat tailsTiger lilyMonarch on Joe-Pye Weed

Cardinal flower and hummingbirdCardinal flower and hummingbirdBarbed wire and post


Dragonflies mating

Weekend roundup

My hours rock, because I am a night person anyway, and because every weekend is a three-day weekend (four if there is a Monday holiday).

Every day this past weekend I made myself get up early and head out to take pictures, and then I’d like to say I retreated to my cool apartment, but instead I would crash in front of my little fan and pass out. All this heat and humidity really takes it out of me!

Saturday we went to Nasketucket, where there were tons of Pearly Crescentspots, plus a gorgeous Black Swallowtail.

Pearly CrescentspotsPearly CrescentspotLarge Wood NymphBlack SwallowtailCrab spider

After Nasketucket, we went back to the Water Pumping Station. I took these with my 500mm mirror lens, which I’m still deciding whether I like. Focusing is particularly tricky.

Great Blue HeronGreat Blue HeronCanada Geese

I fell back on my “old” 300mm lens to get this baby muskrat in the water.

Baby MuskratBaby Muskrat

On Sunday we went to Allen’s Pond, and spotted this group of Great White Herons were on the way.

Great White Herons

These were taken with the 500mm lens; I am almost satisfied with the Willet.

Cedar WaxwingWillet

On the way home, there was the most glorious field of wildflowers I had to pull over and get some shots of.


On Monday we went back to Allen’s Pond, between thunder storms, and I brought my 50mm and a closeup lens to get some macros of some kind of tent caterpillars I’d spotted there on Sunday. The little American Copper was a bonus. ;)

CaterpillarAmerican Copper

I also got this crab paddling madly against the tide – too funny!