Sandpiper Central

I’ve been away from this blog so long, I now don’t even know how to navigate WordPress anymore!

The winter months are always lean for photos, between a lot of things being dormant (or wintering elsewhere) and my being a giant baby when it comes to being out in the cold. I have, however, been to a few beaches over the last couple of months, so here are some of the sights I’ve seen:

Loon, Cape Cod


Ruddy Duck, Westport Point


Goldeneye, Wareham


Absolute scads of Sanderlings and Dunlins, Gooseberry Point



I have a Canon Rebel T3, which does some interesting vignetting (which may be the new 55-250mm lens). I think I like it,though…



And this is a shorebird I haven’t seen before – a ruddy turnstone. Male, I believe. (Bird experts, please correct me if I’m wrong!) This is his winter plumage; their breeding plumage is striking, although I’d have to follow him up to Alaska to see it.


BTW, I have a new shop on Etsy with both stock photos and fine art prints. The stock photos are the decent ones I’ve taken over the years, that I’m not necessarily in love with or attached to; the fine art prints are the ones I am most proud of and don’t want to essentially give away. I’m pretty happy with the logo I designed, which I also made a brush in Photoshop for easy watermarking.


On the Beach – in February!

We took a walk on West Island yesterday, and it was just what the doctor ordered – warm sun, clear, calm water, some little sandpipers feeding amongst the rocks and Brandt geese galore – heaven!


All of these were taken looking through the water:

Sea weedSea weedSea weed

And this one is my favorite for the deep purples and reds (also for sale on my Etsy shop):


First Snow

Well, we finally had our first “real” snowfall this weekend, which is kind of unbelievable. I was starting to think winter was never gonna get here. (Not that I’m a fan of winter or anything, but the seasons have a schedule to stick to.)

Before, we had had a wee bit o’ snow that stuck beautifully to tree branches and such, so I had gone out with my 100-200mm lens and circular polarizing filter and got some nice shots (IMO).

Red berriesRed berriesSnow and sky

SnowscapeTree trunk

I love, love, love the light in this one!

Tree trunks

On Saturday we got about a foot, which is melting away as I write this, so yesterday I headed out with my 75-300mm zoom lens and walked around the Hawthorn Street area, hoping to get some nice abstracts of the beautiful, rambling Victorian houses while there was still snow on all the roofs, etc.

It took me a while to start getting the images I wanted, but eventually I figured out that I needed to be looking at houses a street away, not right in front of me, in order to see the compositions I was after. (It probably does not help that I have no depth perception!)


Roof and chimneyRoof and chimneyRoof and chimneys

A Duck of a Different Color

I have several theories concerning these two large ducks that have been hanging out around the old landing.

One is that they are at least partly domesticated. They keep their distance but don’t actually flee at the presence of humans.

The other is that they may actually be a cross between a Muscovy duck, which breeds with pretty much anything, and wood ducks. The colors on what I assume is the male duck are just gorgeous, and the female has that subtle blue-gray coloration going on.


Duck feathers

Feed me…

We went to the zoo yesterday for a bit, and I think we were the only non-staff folks around. Save for pair of elephants, our zoo has only animals from North America: deer, bison, harbor seals, an otter, beavers, ducks and shorebirds, a bald eagle, a turkey vulture, black bears, cougars, bobcats, foxes and coyotes. It also has a farm with horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, goats and sheep.

This deer actually followed us around with giant, begging eyes!