For the Birds

This day pretty much blew except for one interlude of peaceful bird-watching and -photographing. It started with my BF coming home, announcing he was “wicked sick,” and then going into the bathroom with my best stainless steel pan to puke in. (I am totally buying a new one. And making him pay for it. Because I am NEVER cooking in that thing again!!) Then I went to the doctor’s, where I had to have blood drawn. I came home and took care of the bunny, since I didn’t want Ulysse touching any of the animals if he had a stomach virus. After that I re-photographed a bunch of jewelry for my Etsy shop, then packed my laundry bag and headed to my mom’s. While the laundry was in, I sat and watched all the activity in the back yard through my mom’s big picture window, and that was blissful. I saw grackles, red-winged blackbirds, robins, cardinals, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers, a red-tailed hawk in the distance, ducks in the river, and even a mama squirrel (the nipples gave her away). Then my mother came home and put on NESN to check on the Red Sox, only to hear the news of the explosions in Boston. (I think the last time there was a similar disaster, I was also watching birds. I always find it so… jarring to be living this quiet, do-no-harm kind of life, enjoying nature and whatnot, and then to be repeatedly smacked in the head by the reality of the ugly world in which we live.) After that I headed to a friend’s grandmother’s wake and then home. (Interspersed were THREE trips to various stores for things for Ulysse.) Here’s the hoping tomorrow is better – for everybody.



Excellent birds

The bird feeders in my mom’s backyard have been all a-bustle this year with cardinals, chickadees, tufted titmice, finches, and hungry woodpeckers (not to mention squirrels). I was happy today not only to get a female red-bellied woodpecker, but also a flicker which has been hanging around the last couple of weeks, feasting on suet.

Red-bellied woodpeckerFlickerFlicker

The flicker isn’t as easily spooked as the red-bellied, and brazenly bogarted the suet against red-winged blackbirds.

Flicker and red-winged blackbird

Jays are loud, but they’re the prettiest birds we have around here. I just love this one’s ‘tude! ;)

Blue jay

Another glorious day

Man, I have been spoiled this vacation! I took a walk and took loads of pictures, most of which I’m pretty happy with (although I did have light issues and had to seriously adjust some of them). I especially like the turtles on the log – every generation is represented! :)